11 Gifts for 11 Days

I wasted an hour this morning looking up quotes and reading stories on the internet instead of writing. All this waste led me to clinch my teeth and feel like I needed to stomp my feet a little bit or maybe yell at someone or punch something.

My family must sense whatever is brewing because everyone is avoiding the kitchen.

Some days I give in to the battle and quickly find myself spiraling down into the pit of despair where I stand with a hand on my hip, wagging my finger at myself, listing all the reasons I can find for not liking myself. I don’t really recommend this route, but I do take it from time to time.

This morning, I choose to fight it with words of gratitude.

Gratitude for all of the kindness that clings to me during this challenge and makes me want to list it all here.

Today I list 11 things I am thankful on this 11th day of writing. Hopefully I haven’t omitted anyone in this short list. Just know I am thankful.

  • For my daughter’s willingness to help me make a “button” for my blog since I really had no clue what a button even was.

  • For my husband who freely shares his grammar wisdom and not only proofreads every post but offers sweet hugs and encouragement at no extra charge.

  • For my friend Whitney who reads every post, gets excited about every response, never tires of hearing my silly stories, and encourages me when I need it the most.

  • For the amazing authors and artists who have been willing to respond to my questions, my emails, and my tweets. Daily I am reminded of the goodness of people and the difference kindness makes.

  • For my friends who take the time to read and even “like” my posts and give me courage to keep writing. Including some new friends I have never even met.

  • For the person who stopped me at the grocery store and told me she liked my blog.

  • For the time to write, even when I waste it on the internet.

  • For my friends at work who take the time to email me or stop by my office and encourage me to keep writing. You have no idea the difference you make.

  • For my beautiful daughters who inspire so many of my stories and willingly let me share them.

  • For my writing group. Jenna, who shares her beautiful photography and words of encouragement. Sarah, who patiently listens to my thoughts and offers her wisdom and insight. Laurie, who challenges me to believe I am writer and won’t let me give a list of disclaimers (ok, excuses) about why I am not.

  • And for Ann Voskamp, whose beautiful book One Thousand Gifts taught me that keeping a gratitude list really does make a difference.

What an honor to consider the many gifts God has given me, even when I forget to take the time to list them. I think it is safe to enter the kitchen again. I promise I won’t scream at anyone or punch anything!

Have a great Saturday.